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Beata could precisely identify my issue that I had suffered from for long years, then spotted some specific organs affected by that issue. I could also know that various factors of my issues have been rooted in my past lives, rather than just this life time.Then she treated me gently and carefully to get my body back to the way it should be. The session was really wonderful wonderful time! Thank you very much Beata for my meeting with my Unicorn! I tell myself the affirmation every day without fail. I am looking forward to seeing you again someday.

N.S., Tokyo


It was my first experience to take this kind of session, and I truly feel that it was greatly meaningful for me.
Prior to my appointment day when I was making a list about what to ask in the session, I felt my feeling that I cannot forgive my mother, in a not-good relationship with her. Nevertheless, I decided not to bring up this issue in the session because I sensed that this is too heavy to work on.
Contrary to my prediction, however, this issue was gradually revealed out to the surface while being asked by Beata about my life!
What she found was that the feeling my mother harbor against my father was flowing to myself and it was creating my current reality. To improve this situation, Beata cut the unsuitable flow for me, such as dependency between my mother and my grandfather and she also even cut the unfavorable flow for them, for all of us to be able to live as who we are lively.
It seemed that I created the karma with them in my past life… But, Beata could clean everything including this karma. After the session, my excitement has not eased now, while in part, I feel real calm and gentle happiness with great safety.
Until now I could not figure out the true meaning „care yourself, love yourself“ from the bottom of my heart, although I was repeatedly advised this words by others and I understood the word in my head. For the first time, I feel like I can love myself with supports from the Archangel Michael and Unicorn.
I will start with making my affirmation given by Beata for one week. Beata, the interpreter and Voice staff, thank you very much!!




I was able to have joyful and fruitful time by learning Unicorn energies. In particular, with Beata’s guided meditations, I could go into the deepest state that I have ever experienced. Then I felt that I was healed by it. I gratitude for her attitude in clearly explaining Unicorns and Angels, Christian consciousness and Ave Maria consciousness, and our connection to Atlanstis, to enable us to fully understand. I could also have confidence to carry forward things in my life and jobs from tomorrow. I appreciate from bottom of my heart Beata for your visit in Japan and Voice staff. It was marvelous two-day for me. Thank you.

I.H., Tokyo